Johnson City Pig Roast
Hill Country Pig Roast 2016
We just wanted to provide the lay of the land for those of you that haven't been here before. Below is a an aerial view of
the Fairgrounds itself, so everyone can get a general idea of where to go. Only vendors and workers will be allowed
inside the grounds on Thursday, for everyone else the gates open on Fri. @ 8 am. We will have all self-contained RV's
and campers with generators set up down by the river, where there is still easy access to the grounds. Johnson City is
really easy to get to and we also have links to maps below to help you out. I do welcome
questions and feedback, so feel
free to email me with anything I need to add or may have missed. Till then, ride safe and see you there!
Thanks to the Blanco County Fair and Rodeo Association we now have an additional 7 acres of
camping available for our event. This is just to the left of the camping area marked on the map. They all
worked very hard to purchase and clear the land with the help of volunteers. As always, we owe them a
huge THANKS as they have always done so much to welcome us and help make our event become
what it is today!
JOHNSON CITY LOCAL MAP This is a map of the city itself and will help locate the Blanco County
JC Map
INTERACTIVE MAP OF THE BIGGER PICTURE For those of you who haven't experienced
Google maps, it's pretty cool! You can look and interact with a "regular" map or even click on
"satellite" and zoom in and see what the Fairgrounds looks like from an aerial view! Check it's
pretty cool stuff!
Google Map